Florida Life Recovery and Rehabilitation LLC     

What to Expect from Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a process. Our team will do our best to help you along the way.

At Florida Life Recovery and Rehabilitation, we believe that a comfortable environment can help you relax and aid in your rehabilitation. Stress is a huge contributing factor to addiction, so we strive hard to eliminate such hindrance to your recovery. We design our place to be as relaxing for you as possible, having a wide array of amenities available for your comfort and convenience during your entire stay. Aside from our amenities, our place is made conducive to recovery, providing a home-like setting with great ambiance. The environment is safe and secure.

woman facing downOur treatment programs are conducted by qualified and experienced therapists. The treatment program you will go through has been evaluated to meet your needs. You will be closely monitored to ensure that relapse can be prevented. In light of this, we also know that support coming from your family, friends, and loved ones are important. Communication with them will be monitored, though, to ensure that the likelihood of relapse will be at the lowest point.

Every client lives a supported life at one of our housing facilities where they can live normal lives. Treatment will be conducted in our treatment centers, making sure that you feel safe and comfortable, not anxious at all times.

To talk about life at our home, please feel free to give us a call at 786-409-4313. Our staff is more than happy to discuss our programs further with you.