Florida Life Recovery and Rehabilitation LLC     

Our Staff

Our full-time staff will cater to your needs, providing you support through the rehabilitation process.

group of professionals smilingFlorida Life Recovery And Rehabilitation has always regarded our full-time staff as influential in the success not only of our clients but also of our company. Our staff is composed of highly trained therapists, coaches and technicians who have several years worth of experience under their belt. They are educated and well-versed with the different methods that are suitable for every client’s situation.

Most importantly, their strongest suit is their understanding nature. They are able to empathize with what our clients are going through. We do not just apply our techniques directly. We take the time to understand every need that a client has.

Every member of our staff has your long-term recovery in mind. Give us a call at 786-409-4313 to learn more about our programs and start your recovery today!